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Travel to Chintavaladi

Chintalavadi is on the highway between Karur and Trichy.
Note: People get confused between Chintalavadi and Chintalavaai, so be careful as to where you are going.

By Train

One can take local train from either Karur or Trichy and get down at Mahadanapuram / Lalapet rly stn. Other trains stop at Kulithalai.
From there one needs to take the local bus to Chintavaladi.

The route is as below:


  • Kulitalai (35 KM from trichy)
  • Lalapet (12 KM from Kulitalai)
  • Chintalavadi (3 KM from Lalapet / 2 KM back from Mahadanapuram)
  • Mahadanapuram


Train no: 881 (Trichy- Erode Passenger) leaves Trichy at 0645 hrs and reaches Lalapet at 0807 hrs and Mahadanapuram at 0814 hrs
From Mahadanapuram, we need to go back about 1 -2 KM (towards trichy)

Train no: 880 (Karur- Trichy Passenger) leaves Karur at 0650 hrs and reaches Mahadanapuram at 0720 hrs and Lalapet at 0729 hrs

There are other trains too.


Take the bus from either Trichy or Karur to go to Chinvatavadi. But if the bus you have taken is an express bus, one needs to get down at Lalapet/ Mahadanapuran bus stop and then take the local bus to get down at chintalavadi bus stop.

Despite efforts by localites and devotees of the temple, express busses do not stop at Chintalavadi


The nearest airport in the Trichy airport. from where one can take the bus, train or rental cabs.


There are CAB/ Taxi services in trichy which you can rent for the day or by the hour.